About us

United Healthcare Developments Ltd (UHD) is an independent and experienced third-party developer that specialises in delivering outstanding and innovative medical centres.

Built to the highest quality, our state-of-the-art buildings provide comfortable and spacious environments for both health professionals and patients. We create sustainable and energy-efficient facilities that are cost-effective and deliver maximum value for money.

We are highly professional and work closely with each and every client to create ultimate working environments that are tailored to meet individual needs. Future proofing, including expansion space, is incorporated into many of our premises.

At UHD, we pride ourselves on developing long-term partnerships built on trust and expertise. We have a proven track record and have retained all of our medical centres. We continually upgrade and re-invest into our buildings to lower operational costs.

Our specialist, in-house team manages all our buildings and customer care is at the core of everything we do.