In the spring of 2023, United Healthcare Developments successfully completed the construction of the new NHS Milnrow and Newhey Medical Centre in Rochdale, as part of the NHS England Exemplar scheme. To enhance the surroundings, the NHS Forest provided 500 native trees, creating a lush green space. In March, UHD organised a community tree planting event, involving three local schools and community members.

During this event, one group planted a native hedgerow, serving as a wildlife corridor connecting the community park to the north with the vegetation near the metro line to the south. The hedge featured species such as Hawthorne, Hazel, Blackthorne, Dog Rose, and Elderberry. Pupils learned about the ecological benefits of wildlife corridors.

Another group contributed to the planting of a native woodland belt, incorporating Field Maple, Silver Birch, Rowan, Oak, Bird Cherry, and Goat Willow. Additionally, a community orchard, supplied separately by UHD, was included on the site.

The community's involvement in tree management will continue, ensuring the long-term enjoyment of these green assets. The presence of the trees has led to an increase in wildlife, with rabbits and even deer spotted on the site. Furthermore, the green space has positively impacted the well-being of the medical centre staff and patients, who appreciate the scenic views from the new facility.

UHD's team expressed their satisfaction with the project, despite unfavourable weather during the planting event. They look forward to observing the progress resulting from everyone's hard work.

The Milnrow and Newhey Medical Centre offers a fantastic view of the orchard and native woodland behind it, which excites many pupils. Following the planting event, the orchard has been sown with a wildflower seed mix, further enriching the area's biodiversity and benefiting local wildlife. The UHD team extend their gratitude to everyone who contributed to this wonderful day and eagerly anticipate the flourishing of the newly planted trees 01833 621319 Contact us