Innovative building design, above and beyond the industry standard

Since UHD was founded back in 2000, innovative building design, environmental considerations and sustainability have always been integral to our approach. Today with the current challenges of climate change and the pressure to reduce carbon emmissions, UHD is well placed to meet these challenges and it is our aim to create net-carbon zero buildings and to achieve BREEAM Outstanding for all new developments.


Renewable energy sources

UHD has always been at the forefront of design innovation, continually seeking the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly building techniques to deliver long-term sustainability for all our medical centre developments and the healthcare professionals who occupy them.

UHD will only be using renewable energy sources for all future developments. Renewable or 'green energy' not only reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, it also means our buildings will be more sustainable with lower energy costs and will make a significant contribution to breathing cleaner air. Solar panels and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) are already in use in our developments and we will be looking to new building design innovations and renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal and air source heating, wind power, biomass energy and hydropower, on a scheme by scheme basis.

We also constantly update and review our existing portfolio and where appropriate will look to retrofit new innovations to enhance energy efficiency as a part of our ongoing and continual improvement policy.

Net-carbon zero buildings

It is our pledge for all future medical centre developments to be net-carbon zero. This means that greenhouse gas emissions will be minimised at all stages of our development process, including in manufacturing processes, during construction and throughout the occupation of our buildings.

Any carbon emissions that occur will be balanced by climate-positive initiatives so that the net carbon footprint over time is zero.

UHD is proud to be part of the climate action initiative and advancing net carbon zero by taking action now to decarbonise the built environment.

Lower running costs through energy efficiency

The energy-efficiency of our buildings is always key to delivering the best outcome for our GP, CCG and NHS clients. 

UHD continually seeks out the most innovative buidling techniques to improve the experience for health service providers and patients by creating comfortable, secure, well lit spaces with fresh filtered air and advanced infection control systems, and importantly with reduced running costs through renewable energy sources and innovative technologies. UHD is committed to contributing to a greener future.

Because UHD use a traditional bank funding route with no venture capital and no external shareholders, we are able to deliver a higher upfront investment creating buildings that go above and beyond the industry standard, ensuring maximum efficiency, reducing running costs and with buildings that are built to last.

Delivering a modern, attractive, environmentally friendly building to suit the needs of the local community is exactly what United Healthcare Developments have succeeded in doing. Both staff and patients alike have been overwhelmed by the practical and effective facilities available.

There are plenty of car parking spaces, a must for a health centre of this size, along with bike racks and easy pedestrian access. My experience of United Healthcare Developments has been very positive and I would like to thank them for their continuing support and aftercare service.
Kaye Scattergood, Clinic Coordinator Springfields Health and Wellbeing Centre, Rugeley
Working with United Healthcare Developments on this new scheme has been a pleasure throughout. Thank you for turning our thoughts and plans into an exceptional reality.
Margaret Baines, Practice Manager, St. George's Surgery, Blackburn
Your dogged determination during difficult negotiations proved essential to the success of the scheme. I am delighted, on behalf of the Doctors and the local community, to thank you for all your hard work.
Kath Fenney, Practice Manager, Pennygate Medical Centre, Hindley
It was not an easy task to build a fantastic state-of-the-art building on land still being occupied and used on a daily basis, but United Healthcare Developments managed to do just that. From beginning to end the whole team have been so professional, very helpful and a pleasure to work alongside. Norton Canes community has never had a facility like this and all the positive comments are a pleasure to hear. Thank you UHD for giving us all something to be proud of.
Angie Webb, Clinic Co-ordinator, Norton Canes Medical Centre, Cannock, Staffordshire
From concept through to completion your team has been thoroughly helpful and completely professional. We now have a state-of-the-art building from which we, and a host of other professionals, can deliver high quality medical services to the local community. Our patients are often voluble in their praises of the centre and I would like to thank you and all your team on their behalf.
Dr John Poyser, Middlewood Medical Centre and Polyclinic, Sheffield
The practice is delighted with both the high standard of the development and the increased range of services now available to our patients.
Mrs Trisha Walker - Practice Manager, Meltham Village Surgery, Meltham
It was important that we chose a developer that would listen to us and deliver what we wanted and not what they thought we needed. UHD did exactly this. They listened to what we said and the building reflects this throughout. It is exactly how we imagined it would be and delivers everything that we hoped it would deliver. Once the design of the building was agreed, we continued to be involved throughout and received vital support from UHD at every stage. Practices only go through this process once and therefore it is important that you make the right decision from the outset. Choosing UHD to provide us with our fabulous new building was definitely the right decision. It has ticked every box for us and has given us a building that will enable us to develop new services and change the ways in which we work, in what is now a competitive market.
Alison Wallace, Practice Manager, Lees Medical Practice
The high standard of construction, internal design and attention to detail are evident throughout the building. The managers and doctors were included at every stage of the design process, which meant that we finished up with the building we wanted. I would definitely recommend United Healthcare Developments to any practice considering new premises.
Paul Cunningham, Practice Manager, Barley Clough Medical Centre, Glodwick
The enthusiastic drive and accessibility of UHD’s managing director together with his efficient professional team have enabled the project to progress successfully whilst keeping the project board fully informed and consulted at all stages.
Dr Graham Davenport, Wrenbury Medical Centre
We wanted a building to see us through the next twenty years and we have just that. We have a very attractive but entirely practical building, fit for our purpose and with low running costs built into the design. Environmental issues have been considered all along and we are particularly delighted with its geothermal heat exchange system. It is much more effective and practical than we ever thought possible. Can’t praise United Healthcare Developments highly enough.
Dr C D Baker, Longtown Medical Centre
This team approach, initiated by United Healthcare Developments, was the fundamental to the success of our scheme.
Annita Langley, Practice Manager, Kingswood Surgery, Harrogate 01833 621319 Contact us